I have been using the Face Cream Amar Cosmetics for the last 10 years & have found it very good & has helped cover my mini Lines on my face. It is a very good moisturiser which I use daily & it keeps my face glowing. I can see it visibly reduces appearance of Fine lines & Wrinkles & recommend others to use it.. I find the Cost is not high & Far Better than all other Expensive products that dry up after 4 hrs of use & you need to touch up your face. I have passed this on to many of my friends who are also Grateful for the result they have received from Amar.

Mathilda Bogan - Sydney, Australia

I first tried the Amar soap when a friend bought it for me from her trip to Australia. I have very sensitive skin and my son suffers from severe eczema. I found the soap to not only be gentle on the skin but also left it feeling smoother and softer. After years of trying to find a product that didn’t irritate the skin I felt like I had struck gold! Since then I have had my Amar products shipped over from Australia to England, simply ordering online and having the products within 10 days. Fabulous service, fabulous product!

Ronya - England

Since I discover Amar products can not imagine my days without them. I went to Sydney a few years ago and visited Teresa's shop. The quality, scents and good price of Amar products make me decide to try creams and soaps. Amar products are amazing, soft and relaxing. They enrich my days. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and never forget to order Amar products from my friends when they come to my country. Thanks Teresa for the quality and good taste.

Aida Pawlak - Argentina

Love love love this range! Amar Moisturising Cream is my absolute favourite. Feels & smells divine and leaves my skin silky soft. It’s become a fave for many friends too who I’ve given it as a gift. I have sensitive skin so I’m fussy about what I put on my body. The soy candles make my home smell beautiful whether it’s burning or not.

Chrissy Ynfante - Sydney, Australia

I can’t say enough about the Amar product range. I started off buying it for myself and then bought it for many of my friends and family as absolutely everybody loves it. I find the creams are on a par with much more expensive brands and have stopped buying those and now always go for the Amar products instead. I love the packaging too; simple and elegant. The massage candle is a great gift for somebody you love (who would love a massage). Value for money, beautifully presented and great service keeps me coming back for more.

Geraldine Dunne - Sydney, Australia
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