The House of Amar Story

Amar was created by Teresa Boreham former owner of Flowers by Teresa over 10 years ago.

The Amar range was sold exclusively through the flower shop.

It was her love for beautiful fragrances & natural products led Teresa to design the range of candles & body products, handcrafted in Australia & Syria.  Teresa’s heritage is Syrian, and her hometown was the village of Amar. During her teenage years she used to make moisturising cream for her friends.  Growing up in Syria and then Sydney, she used traditional soap that was handmade using age-old techniques.  It was fragrance free and used on her hair and body.

When Teresa embarked on creating her range, she developed 6 fragrances using essential oil blends with the help of aromatherapists.  These oils were sent to her home village, Amar in Syria to her parents’ home & olive grove to be used in making the soaps for the range.   The nourishing moisturising cream and candles are based on the same 6 fragrances.

Amar products use recipes based on traditional methods & formulated with biochemists and aromatherapists, using olives grown in Amar, Syria from her family’s olive grove.  The olives are still hand picked & the soaps are hand made.

Each of the Amar soy candles are handmade & individually hand poured.  It was a very conscious decision to use soy wax due to it being a natural vegetable wax.  Being a natural wax, it is easily affected by changes in temperature which can sometimes lead to visual  imperfections of small white crystals  either on top of a candle or on its side.  This is completely natural and adds to the handmade appearance of each candle.  The benefits of soy candles is that is is made from renewable resource.  It has a lower melting point & any spills can be easily cleaned with hot soapy water.

Since launching, Amar has developed a loyal customer base who came back to buy her products for themselves and as gifts.  When Teresa sold her business in early November, she did not sell her beloved Amar range and is continuing to bring customers her products via her online store.  By doing this, she can keep full creative control on how her products are made, maintaining their quality, tradition and integrity.

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